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Propeller Cap, LLC was originally established as a provider of premier editorial services shortly after the turn of the millennium. Today its offerings include digital properties and books in ebook and print formats. First to be launched in 2017 are Discovering Love Online, a book and companion website about online dating, and chuckmiller.org, the author’s personal platform. Learn more about both of these properties below.


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Discovering Love Online

[Online Dating Book & Website]

Life is filled with unexpected and often undesirable twists and turns, especially in the quest for a life partner. Moreover, conventional dating methods haven’t worked for the vast majority of singles. Thankfully, technology introduced an alternative to finding that special someone—online dating. Discovering Love Online presents the information needed in a succinct form, easily digestible and dispensed at a comfortable pace. It’s a step-by-step guide to discovering the love of your life.

Chuck Miller

[Author Platform]

Founder of Propeller Cap, author of Discovering Love Online and former singles ministry director, Chuck Miller brings a diverse career background and nearly four decades of experience as a writer, editor, publisher, photographer, graphic artist and pastor to his platform, chuckmiller.org. Chuck enjoys photography, loves indulging himself with the latest technology and eagerly awaits the arrival of transporters and food replicators.

Under Wraps

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Currently, our next project is under wraps. We’re being tight-lipped about this property, but the wait will be worth it when the next “big thing” is unveiled. Look for something both cool and quirky when it finally arrives.

About Discovering Love Online

“Few relationships influence and shape us more profoundly than those of a romantic nature. Why? Because life is designed to be shared. In the pages you’re about to read, Chuck Miller delivers an enlightening and powerful pathway of discovery for those entering the world of romance through online dating.”

Brent Bauer
Leadership Developer | Executive Coach
Bauer Leadership Consulting Group



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